by PCArt 01 March 2009

Open New Image
4 inches x 1 inch at 300 pixels per inch

Foreground #afb0ff and Fill #8080ff
Click on fill colour and choose gradient forground background
Repeat 1 Linear invert Angle 0
the darker shade should be outside and lighter shade inside

Preset Shapes Rectagle
Draw out an oblong shape to represent your pencil shaft

New Layer
Preset shapes Elipse - draw out an elipse to fit the end of your pencil

New Layer - Pencil Point
Preset Shape Triangle draw out a small triangle with your fill colour
Rotate 90 degrees left all layers un checked.
Place in position at the point of your pencil leave a little space for the wood

New Layer - Pencil Wood
Selections Freehand Point to point
draw in your wood and fill with a wood colour and add noise if you wish

Merge Visible

Decorate as you please

Made in Paint Shop Pro XI

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