Friday, 20 March 2009

Same Kit - Different Styles

Approximately Each Week we will have one Digital Scrapping Class Member
supply us with a set of scrapping supplies.

We will then create a layout (scrap page) or tag or card for example,
using the supplies shared with us and post our results.

Our Featured Suppliers who have booked a place at this time are:

Wednesday 04 February - Rose

Wednesday 11 February - KoKo

Wednesday 18 February - Tish

Wednesday 04 March - Cynthia

Wednesday 11 March - Sol

Wednesday 18 March - Laurie

Wednesday 25 March - PCArt

Wednesday 01 April - Catt

These members have permission to post their offer to the group
with the download link for their supplies on or about the given dates!

Thank you for offering to be a Featured Supplier!

Have fun and I am looking forward to seeing what each Featured Supplier will share with us and also to seeing what we are all going to create!

If you want to be added to this list as our next Featured Supplier please write to me here.

I will add you to the list.
*first come first served*

Information about Past Same Kit Different Style Posts is saved in our Group Folders

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Let's Make A Mesh Bow

What you need:

A. PSP X2 (others should work with some minor changes) You can get a trial version HERE
B. AV Bros Page Curl 2.2. You can get a trial version HERE
C. Netting 02 Texture
D. Eye Candy 5 Impact: Bevel Plugin. You can get a trial version HERE. My Page Curl Presets.

Supplies HERE
(Link updated 1/27/13, sorry for the inconvenience)

Terms of Use: Personal or *Commercial is OK.

*Tutorial, premade images and Presets remain copyright ShadeDeZines. You may use your results however you wish.
*You may use my presets for your projects PU or CU, but I retain creator credit for them. Meaning, you cannot give them away, sell them in any form what-so-ever. If someone wants them send them to my tutorial page to get the supplies for themselves. It took me some time to get these settings, please respect that. Thanks. Leave file names intact. Do not upload my Tutorial to any other site without my written permission. Do not claim as your own. If you are a group owner and would like to use my tutorial you may provide a link to my tutorial page/blog, but please don’t upload to your site unless I have given you permission to do so.

Lets get started :)

1. New Image > 900 x 900 > 300 ppi > Raster > Transparent.

2. Flood Fill the image to make it easier to see your mesh. You can use what ever
color/pattern/gradient you want for the bow. I am doing my example in a pink pattern. You will see my other examples below.
3. Click the Fill palette to open the Material Properties window. Place a checkmark in the box
next to Texture. Click the down arrow and search for and click on the "Netting02" texture.
Adjust your angle/scale to your desired settings.
Settings for the texture:
Angle: 0
Scale: 65.

4. Make sure your Foreground is set to Null.

5. New Layer

6. Activate your Selection Tool. Selection Type: Rectangle > Mode: Replace > Feather: 0 > Anti-
alias checked. Draw out a Horizontal Rectangle around 50 - 75 x 700 - 800 pixels. Turn on your Rulers if you haven't. View: Rulers. Right-click inside the selection hold and drag it to the center of the image.
7. Flood Fill with Netting02 Texture.

8. Selections > Modify > Select Selection Borders:
Settings: Outside
Anti-alias: Checked
Border Width: 4

9. Flood fill with desired color. Preferably a matching/complimenting color.

10. Add a texture matching the texture of your netting if you used a pattern with texture.

11. Add a bevel using my Eye Candy Impact 5 preset, or one comparable with PSP's native

12. Deselect: Selections > Select None. You should have something like this:

13. Duplicate the mesh layer: Right-click on the mesh in the Layer Palette and select Duplicate.
Highlight and name the bottom one Backup. Hide it for later.

14. Open Page Curl 2.2. Reset it to Default. Use the provided preset titled:
SD_MeshBowLoop.avcps. Move the loop to the top middle left. Duplicate the loop and Mirror. Position them next to each other.

15. Highlight the Backup layer and duplicate it again. Turn the layer on if you haven't already :)

16. Image > Free Rotate > Left > 90 Degrees. Both layer boxes UNchecked. OK. Move it down
so all of it is inside the image canvas.

17. Effects > Plugins > Page Curl 2.2. Reset settings to Default. Click on Main > Load Settings
(Absolute) > Locate and click on Preset: SD_MeshBowRightRibbon.avcps. Click Open.

18. Repeat step 15.

19. Effects > Plugins > Page Curl 2.2 > Main > Load Settings (Absolute) > Locate and click on
Preset: SD_MeshBowLeftRibbon.avcps. Move it over into place.

20. We're ready for a center. You can use a brad or make a center. But lets just make a quick one.

21. New Layer. Move it to the top.

22. Selection tool: Type: Rectangle, Mode: Replace, Feather: 0, Anti-alias: Checked.
23. Draw a Vertical Rectangle just wide enough to cover the section where the bow loops meet
and long enough to cover the bottom of the loops.

24. Flood Fill with the Mesh Texture. Click to Fill several times. This will make it look fuller and
not so transparent and will help to make it look like it is on top and hiding the lines below.

25. Repeat Steps 8, 9, 10, and 11.

26. Select None

27. Duplicate this layer > Name it backup. Hide the bottom layer.

28. Activate the Warp Brush or you can use the Warp Mesh tool instead. I am using the warp
brush. Gently shape it as needed for the center section of bow. When satisfied, click Apply.
***I have found no perfect science to keep the edges from getting dark using either of these
methods. What I did was use my lasso tool and selected around and removed the black area.
This is a tough method when using mesh because it has so many open areas within it. If you
don't like the results you can always use a brad like I did in one of my other previews below :))

OK ... you can either stop now and merge your layers Visible, or we can duplicate the bows for
another look.

29. Move to a loop layer, Duplicate > Flip and move up into place. When happy with its placement move the layer to the bottom so it is behind the ribbons.

30. Repeat for the other side.

ALL DONE !!! Either Save the Backup layers to New Images for later use, or Delete them. Delete the background layer > Merge Visible > Save as a .PNG.

Some Examples :)

Challenge Font Aierbazzi

Using the Font Aierbazzi
by Roberto Cecchi

Find Aierbazzi.ttf at this link

Create your own masterpiece, it can be a tag, or paper, or "painting", a tree, bouquet, accent, underwater scene, jungle scene, fantasy, grunge, overlay, picture frame or anything you want. There is a different image for each letter of the alphabet, you will need to increase your font size to at least 200 points or 800 pixels to get the sizes above. The owl is from AEZ Owls for Traci also available at

xoxoxo pat/PCArt

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Girl Things Pencil

Girl Things Pencil
by PCArt 01 March 2009

Open New Image
4 inches x 1 inch at 300 pixels per inch

Foreground #afb0ff and Fill #8080ff
Click on fill colour and choose gradient forground background
Repeat 1 Linear invert Angle 0
the darker shade should be outside and lighter shade inside

Preset Shapes Rectagle
Draw out an oblong shape to represent your pencil shaft

New Layer
Preset shapes Elipse - draw out an elipse to fit the end of your pencil

New Layer - Pencil Point
Preset Shape Triangle draw out a small triangle with your fill colour
Rotate 90 degrees left all layers un checked.
Place in position at the point of your pencil leave a little space for the wood

New Layer - Pencil Wood
Selections Freehand Point to point
draw in your wood and fill with a wood colour and add noise if you wish

Merge Visible

Decorate as you please

Made in Paint Shop Pro XI

Diploma Seal

Diploma Seal
by PCArt 01 March 2009

Open New Image 800 x 800 pixels at 300 pixels per inch

Preset Shape Starburst 3 Fill Colour of your choice I used #9f2123
Effects 3D effects Inner bevel
Bevel round Width 2 Smoothness 9 Depth 2 Ambience 0 Shininess 0 Colour white Angle 315 Intensity 50 Elevation 30

New Layer - Preset Shape Circle Fill Colour of your choice I used #9f2123
Effects 3D effects Inner Bevel
Bevel round Width 2 Smoothness 9 Depth 2 Ambience 0 Shininess 0 Colour white Angle 315 Intensity 50 Elevation 30
Click on circle with magic wand, effects plugins
Gregs Pool Shadow
Settings - Diagonal 55 Center 113 Horizontal 39 Diagonal 50 Horizontal 30 Vertical 60 Intensity 9 Lightness 127 OK

New Layer - Add wording and detail of your choice - same colour as seal
Apply Inner Bevel as before.

Add Ribbon of your choice

Made in Paint Shop Pro XI

Leather-look Jeans Tag

Leather-look Jeans Tag
by PCArt 01 March 2009

Open New Image 3 inches x 2 inches 300 pixels per inch
fill with colour #c08f5e

Select tag area with magic wand - keep selected and apply effects texture effects fine leather
colour black angle 246 blur 34 transparency 253 number of furrows 59 length of furrows 10 OK

On a New Layer - Pen tool line style dashed width 5 colour #a67c52
Draw a straight line across the top
Convert to Raster and duplicate and flip
Duplicate and rotate 90 left all layers UNchecked
Duplicate and mirror. Use mover tool to move stitches into place.
Merge visible Use selection tool to select and delete stitches at corners
that you do not want. Apply effects drop shadow Horizontal 1 Vertical 1 Opacity 54 Blur 2 Colour Black

On a New Layer apply Brush pattern of your choice in same colour as patch and apply effect 3D effect cut out
Vertical 2 Horizontal 2 Opacity 70 Blur 4 Shadow Colour #6f5137 Fill interior with Colour #c08f5e

On a New Layer - Add Text of your choice in same colour as patch and apply effect 3D effect cutout
Vertical 2 Horizontal 2 Opacity 70 Blur 4 Shadow Colour #6f5137 Fill interior with Colour #c08f5e

On a New Layer - Add Text of your choice in same colour as patch and apply effect 3D effect Bevel
Bevel round Width 1 Smoothness 9 Depth 1 Ambience 0 Shininess 0 Colour white Angle 315 Intensity 50 Elevation 30

Made with Paint Shop Pro XI