Favourite things layout

Plan & Scrap a Layout of "Favourite Things"

What you need:

1. A Subject. It could be your Son/Daughter, your child's favorite school activities, your Parents, your families Military Member (what Soldier/unit wouldn't love getting these if you printed them as cards!!), your Friend, Yourself, or whom ever you choose.

2. Whether you chose yourself, or someone else, talk to them (now don't talk to yourself, lol. Just kidding ... you know what you like but do some prep work for yourself as well), pick up on keywords something that made their eyes sparkle when spoken of. Ask about their favorite flower, smell, date, poem, singer, poet, memory .... the possibilities are endless!! Get creative!! Take notes then make a list of those favorite things, and your ideas to scrap it.

3. Once you have compiled your list, put in into motion. This is where your creativity will come into play. Come up with images, creative ways to display their fav. poem or quote. Well, I don't need to tell you how to be creative ... I know you all are!!

4. You can make this as any item you wish. It can be a full size layout, a tag sized layout, a brag book page, a whole kit etc. The idea isn't to make you go all elaborate for this challenge, but rather to spark your creativity into trying something new. And if you share a preview with us, all the better!!!! I know I for one would LOVE to see what you can do with this. Please share your results to Art & Digital Art Friends on Facebook :)

**This is terrific for traditional scrapping as well!!

Here is my example


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