This ladybug was created Using Paint Shop Pro XI

This is only a guide to help you make your own

Effects / Artistic Effects / Balls and Bubbles
I have added my settings to Digital Scrapping Class Folders,
which if you choose to use them need to go in your PRESETS folder.

Head and Eyes - Balls and Bubbles - Preset - PCArtBlackBall

Body - Balls and Bubbles - Preset - PCARedBall

Use the deformation tool or Pick tool to make the red ball oval.
Place the black ball below the red one and reduce in size.
duplicate and reduce a lot more for the eyes.
Draw the legs, antennae and dividing line for wings with your pen tool.

Decorate with Hearts with preset shapes.

SHAPE - Single Ball or Bubble - Maximum size

SURFACE - Black - Opacity 100 - Shininess 75 - Gloss 61

MAPS - nothing selected

ILLUMINATION - Ambience maximum 100 and minimum 22

colour #404040 - Highlight size 59 - back light not checked

The red setting is the same as the black one

the only difference is the Surface colour is red.


Hi Everyone,

I know a lot of people dislike vectors, so I thought I'd share a simple vector tutorial, which gives a lovely result.

I have used the individual parts to this for a few things. The link for the tutorial is below.

This is my example

I do hope you enjoy this. Please post your results to Art & Digital Art Friends on Facebook.
I look forward to seeing them.