Drawing Gradient Roses in Paint Shop Pro

Drawing a gradient Rose in Paint Shop Pro XI
by PCArt 04 June 2009

Open a New Image 600 pixels x 600 pixels at 300 pixels per inch

To start off..........
Set your foreground colour to #fdb9bb
Set your background to #8a191b

Set your Gradient to Sunburst
Center point Horizontal 78
Center Point Vertical 41
Focal Point Horizontal 27
Focal Point Vertical 76

Using your pen tool Freehand
Tracking 82
Anti Alias checked
Line Width 0
Connect segments checked
Create on Vector checked

Draw irregular shaped (circles?)
decreasing in size each on a new layer
and going to your gradient and inverting
and un inverting on each alternate layer
Then add a shadow beneath each "petal" layer

Expirement with other colours and gradient positions - and see what you can create.
Try adjusting the brightness and contrast on a few layers too.
Add more definition and depth by using your lighten/darken tool on the petals.

You have a Rose!