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Scrap Paper Flower

Tutorial From

Use the tutorial as a guide and then do your own thing.
Experiment with Alien Skin Xenofex Crumple if you have it,
or use the crumpled paper texture supplied with the tutorial.

Candy Hearts

I made these hearts each on 600 x 600 canvas in Paint Shop Pro
see circle and heart on background of this image
using preset shape heart
Various candy type colours
Arial Font 22 points
Eye Candy Extrude - experiment with settings
Add Noise

Lets see what you make :)


Welcome New Members

Hello Everyone and Welcome New Members,

Please note that upon joining, all New Members posts are moderated,
so you will not see your posts come through immediately.

They will come through to the group as soon as one of the Mods see them and approve them :)
After you have posted a few tutorial results and all is well then we will take you off moderation.

We look forward to getting to know you, helping you and even learning from you.

Do any tutorial at any time - go from lesson 1 onwards - or just dive in where you feel most inspired!

Please visit these links at least once to see what is available for you:)

Member resources

Group Links


E x p e r i m e n t ! I n s p i r e ! C r e a t e !

Lots of Tutorial Links and Information more than you would expect!

Digital Scrapping Class (Our Website)

Alternatively you will find Lessons here with Examples and Notes


(another Bonus for you)

Copy the layout below to create a Scraplift Layout of your choice,
using your own elements and images or if you use items
from someone else - please credit them as I have done below.

Original Template Idea from
the template is no longer available - so just copy the layout idea above

Pressed flowers from Dozibaer

I "trace-painted" a picture of Violets using Art Rage

The rest of the scrapping elements etc, are mine

What is Scraplifting?
Scraplifting: Copying one or more design elements (title, page layout, etc.) from someone's layout and using it for your own scrapbook pages. Fairly common among scrappers, especially when suffering from Scrapper's Block. As the saying goes... "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."

Scraplifting Etiquette:
Personally I would not CASE a layout "Copy and Steal Everything"
Better to use a layout as an inspiration and then use your own ideas and scraps to make it your own.

Finding Inspiration
Read More Here:

Valentine Bear

Valentine Bear

This tutorial is a vector tutorial, but relatively easy,
decorate your bear and use it to create a tag or a valentine card for someone special.
You can make him any colour you want or even make him or her furry.

Your results for preview can be 600 pixels x 600 pixels


Valentine Tag or Card with Word Art

Bonus Challenge

Create a Valentine Tag or Card with Word Art

USE ALL ABOUT THE HEART - Free for Personal Use

You may add two of your favourite fonts
for your Word Art to complete the challenge.

You may mention which fonts you have used
but do not share the fonts in this group.

Supply a link to the fonts if you have one.

Include two or three of your own scrap elements.
Post your results to Digital Scrapping Class



This ladybug was created 27 January 2009 by PCArtistique
Using Paint Shop Pro XI

This is only a guide to help you make your own

Effects / Artistic Effects / Balls and Bubbles
I have added my settings to Digital Scrapping Class Folders,
which if you choose to use them need to go in your PRESETS folder.
Head and Eyes - Balls and Bubbles - Preset - PCArtBlackBall
Body - Balls and Bubbles - Preset - PCARedBall
Use the deformation tool or Pick tool to make the red ball oval.
Place the black ball below the red one and reduce in size.
duplicate and reduce a lot more for the eyes.
Draw the legs, antennae and dividing line for wings with your pen tool.
Decorate with Hearts with preset shapes.

SHAPE - Single Ball or Bubble - Maximum size

SURFACE - Black - Opacity 100 - Shininess 75 - Gloss 61

MAPS - nothing selected

ILLUMINATION - Ambience maximum 100 and minimum 22

colour #404040 - Highlight size 59 - back light not checked

The red setting is the same as the black one

the only difference is the Surface colour is red.

xoxoxo pat/PCArt

Beaded Ribbon Drapes by Janice S

Here is a quick writeup of the ribbon drape thingy I shared ... now mind you I am not a tut writer and am awful about doing this kinda thing soooo I am hoping I didn't leave anything out

Instructions for the ribbon beaded draping
using your pen tool set at beizer curve vector off and connect segments and show nodes on line style solid width ... what ever size you want your ribbon to be anti alias checked
choose the color you want on the edges of your ribbon for foreground color and turn your background color off .... now draw a straight line or curved ... just play around with it ... nothing exact just free flowing here ... lol ... now you should have a solid colored line go to effects > texture > blinds and choose size you want ... now select all > float > modify > contract >choose the width you like for the edge of your ribbon ... don't deselect but choose the pattern or gradient or whatever for your ribbon and fill...deselect ... go to effects .. distortion ... wave ... now play with the horizonal displacement amplitude if you made your ribbon up and down on your canvas ... use the vertical displacement ampitude if you went across your canvas ... now just play with both horz and vert wavelength until you are happy with the angles of your ribbon ... now all you have to do is choose a brad or bead or whatever you like and place how you want it and then using your warp brush ... carefully move each ribbon so that it looks like it is going through or gathered however you like ... kinda push the ends around so they don't look so blunt ... the warp brush is great for getting that twisted effect ... so play play play ... remember there is always the undo mode ... hehehehe ... I gave mine a small drop shadow on each ribbon before merging them
And that's it ...

the example I have inserted is about 400x1800 in size ... I set my pen tool at stroke width of 66 ... contracted 3 ...horiz ampitude set at 5 or there abouts ... I kinda change the settings for each ribbon ... just kinda gives you a guide

Janice S

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Paper Craft

This is another place to check out for paper crafting as well as fun clipart products. The members here have some great ideas on what to make.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

JersGirl's Free Templates

This very creative lady has created an extensive selection of templates to create all kinds of items. Consider making a donation if you use her templates. Do Not redistribute her templates as your own. Use them to create with only.
JersGirls's Free Templates
Thank you to Debi for passing this link on to us.

If you have access to a printer - Once you have decorated your template,
you cut it out glue it together as needed, apply it to your tin or box or whatever,
depending on what template you are using - then you can add a few real elements
and wow you have some fun gifts that you have created yourself.

Digital Scrapping Art need not only be used for Scrapbooking, you can create a lot of unique
and special little gifts for family and friends!
It would be great to see your finished items -
use your digital camera to photograph what you made and post your results if you wish!
In addition to using glue on the printouts, experiment with different papers. I have made an extensive collection of paper products I've found that I use when I do these things. There are different weights of cardstock; the heavier the weight, the thicker the paper. I have used clear decal paper, temporary tattoos, bumpersticker paper, half and quarter fold greeting cards, all sorts of sticker paper, magnet paper, even overhead transparencies. Make sure your printer can handle the paper before you buy it. Most ink jet printers can handle them, but they should be able to have a feed tray that can take one piece of paper at a time. Heavier card stock can get stuck in printers, especially laser printers, and some label papers and transparencies are that are made for ink jets (which do not get hot) can melt or become distorted when they go through laser printers (which do get hot). Make sure if you use a laser, that you buy label and transparencies that say for Laser. Some paper like transparencies and Vellum will tend to bead up most ink from inkjets, so you have to lay them out where they won't be disturbed until the ink dries.

When looking for places for more templates or products to work on, a good source is anything for rubber stamping. That is the original use of most of these templates, and other links I have on my computer at home. I'll post some more links later, and I've asked people in a craft group I belong to that also do this to post me any links they might have as well.

You can embellish your creation when you print them out, or not. Many times, the 3-D effects in PSP, PS, and PSE (and other programs) make elements that look "popped out". Don't forget that you can also print out the elements, trim and glue them in place. I like to use dimensional glue dots and the little sponge glue things to give extra dimension to the elements I've trimmed and added after printing.

I began noticing that the 2 areas (computer paper crafting and digital scrapbooking) overlapped in many ways. I was amazed that so few people took the leap to put the two together, until I realized that most of the computer paper crafters and most of the digital scrapbookers didn't really know about each other. I think more of the computer paper crafter "cross trained" into digiscrapping than the other way around. It's basically doing the same thing, just different shapes and media.


Create a Calendar for February

Create a Calendar for the month of February
using script from Joske (for personal use only)

be sure to read instructions given at the download link

101 Valentine Tutorials

This link leads you to 101 Valentine tutorials
The selection contains the tutorials for popular graphics editor software packages such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Corel Draw

Domed Clock Tutorial

This is quite an intense tutorial from Di's Delights, but well worth the time making it, the result is so pleasing. Follow the link to go to the tutorial and make your own!
Domed Clock Tutorial

Always read TOU when following tutorials or using scrap kits and images. This Domed Clock is personal use not to be created for Financial gain.

Scrapbook Page Ideas

Scrapbook Page Ideas

By Rebecca Ludens, Guide to Scrapbooking
Get inspired to create fabulous pages by checking out the work of scrapbookers just like you.
These scrapbook page layouts were created by forum members,
designers, and article contributors to About Scrapbooking.

Learn Scrapbook Techniques

By Rebecca Ludens, Guide to Scrapbooking
Learn new scrapbook techniques, find step by step instructions, and get ideas for your scrapbook pages in these articles.

Free Trendy Scrapbook Patterns

Designs from nature are currently very popular in scrapbooking. This new gallery contains free paper piecing patterns for a bird, a tree branch, and a tree that you can use for scrapbooking and card making.

Year In Review Scrapbook Page Layout Idea (and Free Sketch)

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