Sunday, 22 February 2009

Easy, Small fills

News flash!! I found that making these cute, small images for fill to be a whole lot easier to save for later use than the huge ones used in the past. The two dots are 25 X 25 pixels and the stripe is 40 by 40 pixels. I use the custom selection 0 X 0 X 20 X 40, 0 X 20 X 40 X 40. This gives you a good clean, even image. When you get ready to use, just have them on your desktop work area and find them in your materials under pattern and Fill!! Kewl!!

Have fun!! Gracie

Luck of the Draw CATeam 13th Post

While this technique is not technically Scrapping, it IS one of the most requested tutorials once people have seen the results (this stat, for example). MoonDesigns is no longer being actively updated; she's moved on to soap operas, so you might want to print this out to keep. It has a lot of applications in making stats, scraps, and general PSP. It's simple and, I think, can be done in PSE as well as PSP with little moderation.

- for PSP

- for Photoshop

The corners I used making this stat are dingbats!


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Compatibility Paint Shop Pro

Making images that will work in all forms of Paint Shop Pro

Sometimes we make tubes, brushes, with Newer versions of Paint Shop Pro.

Alas people using earlier versions (like 5 or 7) cannot open these shared items from us.

If you want to save them in a format that it is compatible with earlier versions,

Follow this Tutorial

Friday, 20 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 14th Post

Well Hello Everyone !!
This is my 1st post as part of the CATeam.. YAY..
Okay so Let me thank Pat for having faith in all of the CATeam members to let us Inspire you all to Experiment and Create some great things in DSC..
So after seeing everything that has been posted thus far I must say we have a very talented CATeam here..
So with out further ado..
Here is what we r making:
Friendship Quilt Squares
Please make sure to read her Terms of Use


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 11th Post

Challenge #11... How lucky is that!!?? An easy and fun tutorial from GentleHearts. We're going to make a name "initial" block. As you see, mine isn't quite like the tutorial but the idea is there. I hope you enjoy making your's as much as I did making mine. You'll find the tutorial here:

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 15th Post

Mouse Pad

Hello friends!

My suggestion for you is create a mousepad with our layouts. To start you need the plugin Eye Candy 5 Impact - A fully functional for 30 days Free Demo is available to download HERE

A tube of a mouse, a shape of your choice and a layout ready. Supplies Here, feel free to use it too, This tutorial is free, then you can create layouts and exhibit them in your galleries, provided you do not remove my credits.

You may use any kit you wish.

1- Open your material in PSP, open the layout ready choose your choice of shape. Here I used a layout with creation Kit Valentine - Freebie by Tammy.

2- We select the Shape, copy our layout, close the original

3- Paste the selection with paste into selection;

4- Remove the selection, and now we use the Filter Alien Skin/ Eye Candy 5 Impact/ Bevel;

Settings: Plastic,
Basic: 9.17/68/39.08/0/21
Shade interior marcado
Lighting: 135/45/98/77
Highlight Size:#ffffff
Shadow Color:# a91d5f or according to the color of the layout;
Bevel Profile: Button
5- Now we put our mouse to change canvas size,

Image Canvas
the following configuration:1200/600/0/0/0/600

6- Open the tube of the mouse, and colorize it, with colour from the layout, copy and paste the past as new layer. Take the bottom layer for the mousepad, a store and the layers. The shadow leave on their own. Save in PNG to be transparent, or JPEG. Here is my result:

7- I hope you enjoy and are very happy with this technique!

Tutorial By Sol Creations
Do not remove the credits

Luck of the Draw CATeam 10th Post


My Challenge today is for you to complete a few very simple Easter pixel painting tutorials from Monti's Pixel Playground : a Basket and 2 or 3 Easter Eggs. The link I'm giving you also has some easy bunny tutorials if you want to have a go at them.

Here is the link to the tutorials :

Scroll down till you get to "Egg Basket"

Notes : I always increase the scale of my work to 800% ~ also I always set my brush to size 2 instead of size 1 .... I prefer the finished size of my project using this setting. Remember .... you can follow the tutorials exactly, or use your own colours etc.

Have fun and please post any results you have, we all love to see what everyone else is getting up to lol!!
Here are my results :

Monday, 16 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 9th Post

Hi Everyone, I am posting your 9th Luck of the Draw.
I know a lot of people dislike vectors, so I thought I'd share a simple vector tutorial, which gives a lovely result.
I have used the individual parts to this for a few things. The link for the tutorial is below.

This is my example

I do hope you enjoy this. Please post your results to the group. I look forward to seeing them. 

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 8th Post

Decorated Tags

Well there you go! I am number 8 in this draw and I would like to see you creating all kinds of beautifully decorated tags or labels for your scrapping collections.

Tags are handy additions to scrap pages and are useful for adding journalling or information to your layouts.

How you decorate your tags is up to you!

Below is a list of tutorial links and links to examples of digital and hybrid decorated tags to get your creative juices flowing.

Your tags can be the traditional packaging tag shapes, or circular, heart shapes, any shape, torn, whatever you like!

Decorate your tags with brushes, ribbons, buttons or beads, stitching, flowers, leaves or abstract designs, word art, or paint them.

Enjoy and I look forward to seeing your results!

Tutorial Links


Friday, 13 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 7th Post

Hello everyone. Here is what I have come up with.

Plan & Scrap a Layout of "Favorite Things"

What you need:

1. A Subject. It could be your Son/Daughter, your child's favorite school activities, your Parents, your families Military Member (what Soldier/unit wouldn't love getting these if you printed them as cards!!), your Friend, Yourself, or whom ever you choose.
2. Whether you chose yourself, or someone else, talk to them (now don't talk to yourself, lol. Just kidding ... you know what you like but do some prep work for yourself as well), pick up on keywords something that made their eyes sparkle when spoken of. Ask about their favorite flower, smell, date, poem, singer, poet, memory .... the possibilities are endless!! Get creative!! Take notes then make a list of those favorite things, and your ideas to scrap it.
3. Once you have comprised your list, put in into motion. This is where you're creativity will come into play. Come up with images, creative ways to display their fav. poem or quote. Well, I don't need to tell you how to be creative ... I know you all are!!
4. You can make this as any item you wish. It can be a full size layout, a tag sized layout, a brag book page, a whole kit etc. The idea isn't to make you go all elaborate for this challenge, but rather to spark your creativity into trying something new. And if you share a preview with us, all the better!!!! I know I for one would LOVE to see what you can do with this.

**This is terrific for traditional scrapping as well!!

Here is my example



Here's a tutorial for making gingham and with a little creative work, plaid. It's the simplest means I've found for making gingham but one of the more complicated and least effective plaid tutorials I've done, and with the way I love plaids, I assure you, I've done more than my share! Almost every kit I make has at least one plaid in it. But I've not played with gingham for a long time so I'll probably add some in one of my many upcoming kits. Those of you familiar with the common means of making checkerboard patterns will find thie altogether too familiar. Remember, this tutorial is not for scrap kit making originally but with a little tweaking it can very well be. I would start with a six inch image and work from there. The tile is seamless so you can use it as a fill so long as your stripes are wide enough. Here's the link, I hope you all enjoy it.

Be Witched!

Endora Aphrattos
"Life's a Witch, yeah? So am I!"

Luck of the Draw CATeam 6th Post

Hello everyone, I am Jeanne aka #6, everyone's post have been wonderful and very creative, sometime I hope to have time to do all of them. LOL When I am in creative and design mode I tend to gravitate to soft colors and vintage style. I also like making templates, and elements in grey scale and sepia tone the things I will use alot so they can be recolored. I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this team of talented and creative designers.

My challenge for you today is a tut from scrap-stuff-with-psp-tutorials. love this site, so many tuts and so little time. LOL.

Here is my preview for the suede ribbons, I hope you enjoy the tut.

Here is the link, scroll down to find Suede Ribbons:

Thank you Pat for your faith in me.

Huggs and much love


Luck of the Draw CATeam 5th Post

My choice for the challenge five is to go to this site
and make a basket but you will also fill it with whatever you want

Don´t forget to give credit to Elena who made this tut I wrote her to make sure it was ok to share in the group and this is the answer

"Hello, thank you for taking interest on my tutorials. You are welcome to use my tutorials for your group just don't forget to give credit. :) Good luck. Elena "

I have made these baskets just for help you with the inspiration

So be creative and GOOD LUCK from me too

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 4th Post

Shani's Special Freaky Frame Birthday Challenge

Hello Everyone,
Today's challenge is going to be a frame, but not the normal frame decorating challenge.
This will be along with the birthday celebration theme.
Use the birthday colours already listed here on site, my textures and anything from this kit I don't have a birthday kit so this will suffice, you may recolour items to go along with the frame. Experiment with the bevel effects to your liking, also use plugins and go wild.


Monday, 9 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 3rd Post

Hello everyone!

This is my first post as part of the CATeam. First I'd like to thank Pat for her confidence in bringing me on board and thank all of my fellow team members too. They're great, talented people and we all promise to do our best to help enable you to be everything you hope to be in your art and encourage you to explore your talents to the fullest!

Like me, this first post is going to be a little off-beat but very important really. When I first began, and I believe this is pretty common, at making my kits I went with gut instinct primarily and often found myself "stuck" at what to do next. Planning and plotting out your kit in advance really helps things move more smoothly. But it is important that you understand this is a guide ONLY. This plan I want you to make is only a guideline not anything like hard and fast rules. You may find you do not want to follow your plan completely as your actual kit manifests. You may add or remove items as you go. That's ok, you would not be hurting anything by deviating a bit. A kit is your creation, there is no right and wrong and you are God/dess where that's concerned -- Omnipotence! Now don't you just feel special?! LOL

Above all, I want you to understand here you are NOT being instructed to make a scrap kit, just to write out plans for one. Let's begin!


First thing I want you to do is make a palette. There are plenty of ways to do that. You can simply choose your colours from a graphic (the graphic doesn't matter as long as it has enough colour for you to play with) using your eyedropper tool or use our tutorial for this found here:

Or use the fantastic online tool at:

To upload your own graphic for it to choose for you. As you select your colours add them to the attached palette base image. If you're selecting a pattern, such as a metallic (gold, silver, copper, etc.,) be sure to add that into your palette as well.


Next open NotePad or your favorite text editor save it as a new text file with the name of your kit and include plot, plan, or whatever will help you know what this is at a quick glance. The following is a bare-bones, or basic, example for you to follow and any notes included are in it are not to you but notes to self. Yours may have more or less items, you're God/dess, remember? LOL


FILE NAME: MyScrapName-PLOT.txt
DATE/TIME: 7:29 PM 2/6/2009
THEME: Country Romance
SCHEME: (Optional - here you can put your colour codes just as a back-up) #FFFFFF, #000000, #C0C0C0, #F0F0F0, #EC0FF0, CopperFire pattern and FONT: CopperPlate.TTF.

1 BUCKLE - In metallic

30 BUTTONS - 2 in each colour and pattern and for each tutorial.

4 METAL CHARMS - In metallic 1 fat heart, 1 long and thin heart, 1 5-pointed star, 1 six-pointed star

6 RICK-RACK - 1 in each colour and pattern.

5 FELT SHAPES - 1 for each colour, not the metallic, match shapes to those in charms.

10 RIBBONS - 1 for each colour in two styles (not metallic).

9 FABRICS - 1 plaid in all colours (no tut), 1 plaid in 3 colours (no tut), 5 solid in all colours with tea stained edges, 2 patterned (no tut).

9 PAPERS - 1 with hearts, 5 solid in all colours (wrinkled - no tut), 1 with dots, 2 with erased florals. (perhaps will do some torn edge versions of these too)

5 MATS - 1 for each colour.

OTHER NOTES: Leave loops off of metal charms, I want to use them as studs for pinning my mat or fotos down with. Look for tut on making spurs. Want spurs one with a star and one with a heart. Remember, kit is both masculine and feminine and should compliment both men and women equally.


Once you save your text file attach it to a email with your palette and share with the group. Remember, yours can and likely will differ from the example. That's absolutely fine and preferred. Add or subtract from it as you like. You may want to jot down ideas in this file as well in the OTHER NOTES section. I hope you find this valuable.?

Be Witched!

Endora Aphrattos
"Life's a Witch, yeah? So am I!"

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 2nd Post

For the second post I have chosen a scrap blend, from PSP-Pals, they are so much fun, and this Tutorial can be so adaptable.

PSP Pals

You will need to go to "Scrap Blends" and then "Scrap Blend 15". If you download any materials from here, they are all saved closed, so you will need to open them in PSP to see them. The main thing is to have fun, If you need any help then please get in touch with me Thank You.

With this one below I adapted it to suit Spring, I also used a wonderful kit from.

Please keep watching out for Post 3, its sure to be a great one.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Luck of the Draw CATeam 1st Post

With the “Luck of the Draw,” I have the pleasure of being the first Creative Team Member to post to the group.

Trust me, there will be more Creative Team Members posting to the group soon, and each CAT member will surely surprise and challenge each of us.

First, let me say that being one of the members of the team is both an honor and a privilege because there are so many creative people out there who are much more creative than I am.
However, I like learning, being gently pushed out of my comfort zone (thanks, Pat!), and having the opportunity to share just a little part of what I create using PSP.

Anything I create and/or share will be using PSP9 because that is what I am most comfortable with. I also have Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, but rarely use it…….but who knows, I might crawl out of my comfort zone and learn it better, too. . . . and for my post . . . a stationary creation that I came up with using an antique image titled “Pilatre De Rozier’s Balloon of 1783.” I hope you have fun with it.

Supplies and directions can be found here:
My example is here:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

First Birthday

Our First Birthday!
Join in on the Celebration!

Our First Birthday is on Wednesday 11th February 2009

Colour Palette and First Birthday Theme!

We invite you to Create a Gift for the members of Digital Scrapping Class
Using this colour palette as a guide

First Birthday Theme Ideas
ONE, Balloons, Hats, Candles, Celebration, Paper, Gift Tags, Mini Kit, Quick Page, Decorated Frames, Gift Bags, Sweets, Cake, Candy, Flowers, Word Art, Brushes, Beads, Jewels, Doodles, Masks, Template, Clowns, Friends, or anything you are comfortable making, that would add to a lovely first birthday kit.

Polite Requests
Post your Gift to your Blog
Post your preview to class to Invite members to collect it from your blog.
Use the subject First Birthday so members see them easier.
Please only post your request to collect the gift once a week.
If you do not have a blog and still want to participate.
You can still post your preview to class with a download link.

Members who collect the gifts - please leave some Birthday Love

Any time from Now until the end of February
so you have enough time to create and share something.

Please consider waiving TOU for the Gift
so that it can be FTU in any way.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snap Before You Snap

Have a look at the gallery of layouts to see some of the oh so familiar stories, and I can tell you I have been there too in all those situations! - Such a huge pity I was not snapping and scrapping when my girls were younger. Well - I do have one or two real cuties but my daughters would hang me out to dry if I ever printed them - do you think I should ask them for permission and see what they say?

Actually we never had digital cameras, (way back then...groan) and films and processing really was an expense saved for special occasions. These days we do have digital cameras, we can click away and save all the images for free, only printing the ones we choose too.

So keep your cameras handy, take those real life "it's all in a day" photo's and use them to make the best fun pages ever - and remember to write about them too! In years to come they will be absolute treasures to look back on and bring back many memories that would have been forgotten.

Start keeping a journal handy to record the time and place and feelings about the photo - you never know when you will need to refer back to it.

Snap (Pictures) Before You Snap!
From Bonnie Covel, for

Digital Scrapbooking of Everyday Occurrences

Sketch 120

Credit for Sketch
Sketch 120 from Pencil Lines by Celine Navarro

Go to the following Link and collect the full sized free sketch.

**You need to scroll down the page to this message**
"This weeks digital template can be downloaded here"

Use the Sketch as inspiration to help you with the layout of a lovely new scrap page.
Below the Sketch you will see a series of different layouts created from it.
As you can see you can alter it to suit yourself, the sketch serves as a starting block.
Use any papers or elements to do this.

If you use the work of others you must give them credit.
Preferably you will use your own work that you have learned to make yourself.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009



Copy the layout from the link below to create a Scraplift Layout of your choice,
using your own elements and images or if you use items from someone else - please credit them.

Layout by Lou Clark
And shown here

Here is my scraplift result:
I used elements from my Rose Scrap Kit and the Fresh leaves are from Dozibaer.

What is Scraplifting?
Scraplifting: Copying one or more design elements (title, page layout, etc.) from someone's layout and using it for your own scrapbook pages. Fairly common among scrappers, especially when suffering from Scrapper's Block. As the saying goes... "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."

Scraplifting Etiquette:
Personally I would not CASE a layout "Copy and Steal Everything"
Better to use a layout as an inspiration and then use your own ideas and scraps to make it your own.

Finding Inspiration
Read More Here:

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Layout Challenge using Poetry, Quotation, Lyrics

Layout Challenge
using Poetry,Quotation,Lyrics

I made this from my Valentine Kit
the gold chain is from my other Kit here

Using your favourite poetry, quotation or lyrics,create a layout
Using Your Own Kits!

Browse this Gallery for some layout ideas
24 Quotes 24 Scrapbook Page Ideas


This one was made from my Flowers 'n Fluff Kit

xoxox pat

So You Created a Scrap Kit

Perhaps you have created dozens of kits and you are giving them away as Freebies.

Many people will download them and use them because they are free.

Giving away your creations is honourable and many of your visitors are very grateful for them.

After a while, you think - well the kits are so popular, perhaps you should try selling some of them,
or collecting a small donation for them, to make creating them more worthwhile for you
........then you discover......Not so many downloads anymore.

The Secret might be in PRESENTATION!

Presentation makes the kits more attractive.

This is why so many "Shoppe's" have Creative Teams.

They need the team, to present the elements of the kit in different styled layouts,
to attract your attention to the variety of ways the kit could be used.

One Kit can make a myriad of different layouts, but not everyone looking at your
kit preview can see that. They need to see different parts of your kit shown in
different styles and layouts. This could make one kit more popular than the next.

You only need to visit scrap boutiques, or Shoppe's, galleries to see the many different
layouts created by their teams, you may see the same kits or combinations of kits being used
over and over again. The possibilities are too numerous to imagine.

This is why you need to sharpen your skills with layouts.

**Practice making your own layouts.

**Do Layout Challenges

**Spend more time creating layouts

**Spend Less time creating endless Kits

**Use your Layouts to advertise your kits, whether they are free or not.

At the end of the day, you will have had much more fun creating your layouts for the world to see,
than you might have done creating yet another kit.

You might move on to being on a creative team.
You might possibly sell more of your kits.

The Digital Scrapbooking world is enormous and extremely competitive, you need to really work hard to achieve
any measure of success commercially (selling).

However, if this is purely your hobby and earning few extra coins on the side is just an added bonus,
you will probably still benefit if you present your kits with previews and a variety of layouts.

xoxoxo pat/PCArt
03 February 2009

Monday, 2 February 2009

Blending Overlays

Layouts Using Blending Overlays in PSP
by Elizabeth Weaver

I strayed away from the tutorial slightly but had fun just the same
The photo was taken by one of my nephews.


Knitted Hedgehog

Knitted Hedgehog

I did this tutorial in PSPXI
I used the warp brush to expand on the tummy and face
and used animal fur generator brush for the fur
The ribbon was scanned and tubed by me.


Sunday, 1 February 2009

Welcome Back everyone and Happy New Year - our holiday is over!

We hope you have enjoyed the break even though posts and bonus tutorials and challenges did continue.

New Freestyle Format

Using the knowledge you have gained from the various lessons, and by looking at what members share, design your own wonderful scrap art creations. We will not have a hard and fast schedule anymore, Do any of the lessons / activities when it suits you. Continue to Learn and grow creatively at your own pace. Ultimately we would love to see you creating wonderful layouts or cards or box labels, etc., the list goes on and on - there are more ways of showing your creativity and using your skills, than just creating scrap kits. Lessons will continue as before and new ideas and tutorials will be shared whenever available.

Creative Activities Team
Will post Challenges and Bonus tutorials, Useful Information, Scrapping Inspiration and Techniques, etc., whenever they can.



I made this in Paint Shop Pro,
using this Photo Impact tutorial by Rosie as a guide.

It's easier than you realise to adapt.

Font BD Merced.ttf - you can do a web search for the font.

I was looking through a card magazine and saw a card that inspired this. In order to make this, I had to make all of the elements. The bow was a free script that I found on a website, and the lace was a free tube I found on another site. To make the heart element, I had to keep copying and pasting words in typewriter script to make a background. Then I used a heart selection, and eyecandy glass to make a clear heart. I put the words background under the glass heart, and merged it. The background on the card, I used texture>blinds.

The card is at 100 DPI, so to print it out, use card stock, and in the print layout, just pull it over and don't resize. Print out on the card stock, and cut out.each half of the card is 5x6.

The template is by Shirl Titus of Unfortunately, Shirl's site is no longer on the net.

This is just a sample of how you can use the scrapping items we're learning to make in these classes. I titled the card Best Friends after a freebie scrap kit I'm putting together, which is in memory of my best friend who died Jan 14. You're welcome to use it for personal use.


Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands


By doing this tutorial you agree to my terms of use,
however the resulting image is yours to do with whatever you please.

E x p e r i m e n t ! I n s p i r e ! C r e a t e !

10 Valentine's Day Scrapbooking Ideas

10 Valentine's Day Scrapbooking Ideas With or Without Photos
By Christine Perry

Valentine's Day is all about romance, love and friendship. It may not be a common picture-taking opportunity, but with or without a photo, there are still plenty of Valentine's Day scrapbooking ideas. Remember this February 14th and that special someone you asked to be yours with these Valentine's Day scrapbook page tips.

1. Find a Photo- just because you don't have a photo taken on February 14th doesn't mean you can't include photos in your Valentine's layout. Find a photo of you and sweetheart from another occasion to fix that problem. You can go back as far you as you want for a picture of you both together, perhaps even a wedding picture.

2. Choose a Page Title- Need some help coming up with a Valentine's Day themed title? Here are a few suggestions:

How Do I Love Thee?
I Love You
I Want to Kiss You All Over
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
My Heart Belongs to You
This Kiss
Always and Forever
High School Sweethearts
Be Mine

3. Choose Romantic Page Elements: Obvious choices for your page elements are hearts and roses, but look at your other scrapbooking supplies for embellishments that make you think of romance. For example, use white lace, a pink satin ribbon, red bows or Victorian accents.

4. Add Color- Red is the color of the day for Valentines' Day, but too much red on your page may overpower your focal point. Use red as an accent, and try adding more white and pink to your layout.

5. Add Your Valentine's Day Cards- Cards make decorative page elements. You can create a pocket on the page to add the cards you gave to each other. This way they can be removed so you can read the sentiments inside.

6. Write Love Letters- Journaling is just as important on a Valentine's layout as it is on any other scrapbooking page. Use the page title ideas listed above to prompt journaling ideas. You could also include handwritten love letters given any time of the year or from the past.

7. Add a Love Poem- if you want a quick way to add journaling, use a love poem or quote on your page. It's easy to find plenty of choices for poems and quotes by doing a search for "romantic poems" on the internet.

8. Photograph Valentine's Day Gifts- Include a photo of the box of chocolates or roses you received, and scrapbook the gift card. If you had a nice dinner out, put a photo of the restaurant on your page and don't forget to journal what you each ordered for dinner.

9. Remember the Kids- Children celebrate Valentine's Day too. Include cards exchanged from school mates on a special page for your children. Record their feelings about this holiday and what it means to them.

10. Dedicate a Page to Your Valentine- Instead of focusing on the couple, use a page layout to express all the reasons why you love him/her.

With a little creativity, you can create a beautiful Valentine's Day page layout even if you don't have a photo from that day. You don't even need special supplies. You probably already have embellishments with a romantic theme. Add some white and pink cardstock and some red letters, and you have everything you need to make a Valentine's Day scrapbooking page.

Christine Perry is an avid scrapbooker and has over 10 years of scrapbooking experience. Her favorite scrapbooking subjects are her reluctant teenagers. She invites you to her website, for more scrapbooking tips and Valentine's Day scrapbooking ideas.

Article Source: