Here's a tutorial for making gingham and with a little creative work, plaid. It's the simplest means I've found for making gingham but one of the more complicated and least effective plaid tutorials I've done, and with the way I love plaids, I assure you, I've done more than my share! Almost every kit I make has at least one plaid in it. But I've not played with gingham for a long time so I'll probably add some in one of my many upcoming kits.

Those of you familiar with the common means of making checkerboard patterns will find this altogether too familiar. Remember, this tutorial is not for scrap kit making originally but with a little tweaking it can very well be. I would start with a six inch image and work from there. The tile is seamless so you can use it as a fill so long as your stripes are wide enough. Here's the link, I hope you all enjoy it.

Be Witched!

Endora Aphrattos
"Life's a Witch, yeah? So am I!"

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